Foods of India Cooking Class – May 9, 2012

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Indian spices in elegant silver tins.

I had the fabulous pleasure of cooking with my Indian neighbor, Zenith in October.  Zenith has a natural touch when it comes to cooking.  She has a silver tin containing all her precious spices.  The beautiful presentation makes me think of how I imagined Christopher Columbus and the spice traders of old treating their valuable spices with such care.

Sauteeing Indian spices with garlic, ginger and caramelized onions.

She sets her skillet on the stovetop and with a tiny spoon, dishes out a little cumin, coriander, cayenne pepper, turmeric and more into her pan.  No measuring spoons.  Just her sensibility about what should go into the dish we are about to prepare – Curried Vegetables.  I watch with my eyes wide open and my notepad and camera in hand.  I am a trained professional Chef, but Zenith draws upon her Indian background to prepare these dishes with such joy; the inspiration comes from her heart.

Stirring Curried Vegetables

When I asked if she would help lead an Indian Cooking Class with me, she was delighted at the opportunity to share her knowledge and love of the Foods of India.  Zenith also likes to point out that eating authentic Indian means eating healthy!  Don’t miss this opportunity on Wednesday, May 9, 6:00 – 9:00 to cook with Zenith and learn the secrets of Indian cooking.  Holy Nativity’s Father Peter Rood will also be joining us to share some food stories and wisdom from his recent sabbatical in India.

On the menu are:

Cooking Class fee $40 when you reserve by May 7, $45 at the door.   To reserve your spot, email  Then write a check to “Fresh Food in a Flash”; mail it to Holy Nativity Episcopal Church, Cooking Class, 6700 West  83rd Street, Westchester, CA  90045.

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