A Thanksgiving Gift of 42 Turkeys

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I was given a gift yesterday.  I learned how (well sort of) to make some adorable decorative cupcake turkeys from Chef Susan at Baking and Cake Art Academy.

Chef Susan showing off her flock of turkeys.

Chef Susan was giving these turkeys – all 42 of them as a gift to Miriam’s House, a shelter in West Los Angeles for women and children to dress up their Thanksgiving table. She needed volunteers to help make them this week..and lucky me, I gave a gift of my time to help assemble these turkeys and got a bigger gift in return…new ideas, new techniques and new friends.

The turkeys all have their own unique personalities.

Can we talk turkey about these turkeys.  They were the cutest darned things and Chef Susan patiently helped us go through the twelve steps to assemble them.  Aren’t they cute?  and I can tell you they are delicious too.  OK – I tasted the crumbs and licked my fingers occasionally and then marched to the sink to wash my hands to follow food safety rules.

Chef Susan demonstrating piping techniques.

If you want to learn pastry tips, to decorate cakes, cookies or bake with some flair, visit Chef Susan’s website, Baking and Cake Art and sign up for her classes which you can either attend in person or learn online.  Click below for more information on the many classes she offers:


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