How to make Chai Tea Lattes at home for pennies.

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Chai Tea Cover 4-13Prep 2 mins   Cook 10 mins   Drink 12 mins

I am new to Chai Tea Lattes.  I am not a coffee drinker, so I rarely go into Starbucks.  I know…I’m unusual.  So what else is new? When I do enter a Starbucks, I will purchase a cup of mint tea. But since our Indian Street Food Cooking Class, I’ve discovered Chai Tea Lattes.   Make it hot and add whole milk and a little sugar.  Nice!  It does have caffeine, which I don’t do, but on occasion, I would like to enjoy a cup of this unique beverage.

Our Chai Tea Lattes were made with black tea masala from the Indian market.

Our Chai Tea Lattes were made with black tea masala from the Indian market.

Chai Tea is black tea made with spices, milk and sugar.  You can purchase Stash tea bags that have the spices in them, OR you can mix up your own with black tea, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ground ginger, plus star anise if you have some, OR you can purchase a dry instant powder at an Indian market, which didn’t sound very good to me OR you can purchase a mix or Masala of loose tea with the spices in it at the Indian market, which is what I did.  I bought Flower Brand CTC India Masala Tea – Strong for $2.99 at the Samosa House in Culver City.

Straining the Chai Tea Latte - loose tea, spices and milk.

Straining the Chai Tea Latte – loose tea with spices and milk.

At our class we mixed 1 teaspoon masala tea per cup of water in a pot and heated it on medium high.  Once the tea was steeped, we added milk  – about 1/2 cup milk to each cup of tea.  We heated this all until it was frothy and then strained it. When serving, add a teaspoon of sugar to each cup of tea or to your liking.  You can top your beverage with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg for a garnish.   Chai Tea Lattes – nice!

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