The Secret your Dishwasher is not telling you.

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How did I go from Before to After?

How did I go from Before to After?

I have a confession to make. I feel like Madge or some female character in a 60s commercial selling soap….(and this is NOT a sponsored post!) I had a big problem! I was embarrassed to serve even my family food on my dishes and glassware. There was a white film growing on my glassware making our cocktails look more like a tornado than a clear and soothing martini with two olives. I was hiding the damaged dishes when company came and dug out the ones in the back of the cupboard to serve my luscious meals on.

Untouched photo of my "clean before" glasses.  Crazy, I know.

Untouched photo of my “clean before” glasses. Crazy, I know.

I was getting to the point where I could not stand looking at my dishes or putting one more load of dishes in my dishwasher for fear of the dreaded white dust or cloud that would envelope each piece that came out of the D#*! machine. Well it turned out it wasn’t the D#*! machine that was a problem. It was the hard Los Angeles City water coming out of my faucet. Blame it on the drought. Maybe we were getting the last bit of water at the bottom of the reservoirs or something, but I couldn’t take it any longer.

I called the KitchenAid customer service line to discuss my problem. Yes, I was embarrassed to even let them know I had a problem. Did I do something wrong? I was waiting to be scolded. I forgot to put the blue rinsing liquid in the small round receptacle or too much or not enough Cascade? Anyway, I finally figured I had to spend the big bucks on the dreaded appliance repairman. You know the one that comes to your house and tells you it will be $500 to fix something and you throw in the towel and buy a new appliance instead. But this was a different experience altogether. The customer service rep knew EXACTLY what my problem was. “Do you have hard water ma’am?” OK, she didn’t say ma’am. ” Well, I have whatever the entire city of Los Angeles has. We don’t live out in the country or anything.”

Affresh comes to the rescue of my dishwasher!  Thank you Affresh!

Affresh comes to the rescue of my dishwasher! Thank you Affresh!

The customer service rep quickly diagnosed my problem and said, “you need Affresh.” What the heck is Affresh? So here’s the secret you’ve been waiting for. Go right now down to Home Depot or whatever store you have in your neighborhood that you like. Go to the department where they sell dishwashers and pick up a bag of Affresh. It’s about $5.99 for 6 tablets. Not $500 for the repairman! It contains citric acid and sodium bisulfate (lemon juice and salt) and is safe for you and the environment. Come right back home and put the tablet in the compartment where Cascade goes or in the bottom of the dishwasher. Load up your dishwasher with all the dishes you are embarrassed to serve food on into the dishwasher. The flatware that you can’t get clean. The cloudy glasses. The plates and bowls with spots on them. Everything. Then turn the dishwasher on the “normal wash” cycle and watch your problem go down the drain.

My dishwasher looks like new again after Affresh!

My dishwasher looks like new again after Affresh!

You will be amazed. The first time I used Affresh, I put it into my white film-coated stainless steel interior dishwasher by itself without the racks and the dishes and when I opened it, the film was completely gone.

Clean interior of my Kitchen-Aid dishwasher after Affresh did it's job.

Clean interior of my Kitchen-Aid dishwasher after Affresh did it’s job.

I got down on my hands and knees and cleaned out every little corner of my 2008 KitchenAid dishwasher. I was so excited. But when I put the dishes into the dishwasher for the next cycle, items on the bottom rack were still getting the cloudy film on it. I was about three years overdue for Affresh, so I knew I had a “heavily soiled machine”. When I called back the KitchenAid customer service rep again to confess my latest problem, she said, “Try adding another tablet of Affresh. You are on the right track, even though the machine looks clean inside, there is some residue inside the machine that you can’t see.”

My machine needed 3 loads with Affresh to get rid of the cloudy powder on all my dishes.

My machine needed 3 loads with Affresh to get rid of the cloudy powder on all my dishes.

The second time I left a few items in the dishwasher. When I opened it, I was amazed at how clean the items in it had gotten. It was like a magic eraser. Next I decided I would use Affresh a third time with all the heavily soiled dishes in it. So I filled up the machine, added Affresh and turned it on. I couldn’t wait to see the results when I opened up the dishwasher. Wow! The magic eraser had erased all my problems in the kitchen!

I am finally happy with my new discovery and letting you in on the best kept secret. Affresh! My dishes and flatware are all sparkling clean. No more clouds. The package says to “use once a month or as needed”.  I’m so happy to have solved that problem.

My dishes sparkle after using Affresh!

My dishes sparkle after using Affresh!

When you come to my house for dinner now, you will never see cloudy cocktail glasses, because I will loyally use Affresh from now on. The end of my story. 🙂

This is not a sponsored post or an ad. This is my honest to God true story about my own personal experience.

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