Get your Greens on Fresh Baked Bread for St. Paddy’s Day.

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Greens on Fresh Baked Bread recipe at

Beet Greens on Fresh Baked Bread

Prep 2 mins   Bake 10 mins   Eat 12 mins

Eat your greens.  Isn’t that what Mother said?   Well something like that, depending on your culture.  I created this recipe in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  Being a Patti growing up, St. Patrick’s Day was my “feast day” in Catholic school.  When I was ten years old, I would bring a green cake to school.  Now, I’m bringing Greens on Fresh Baked Bread.  I think I’ve upped my game!

You Guys Band #2717 3-17I was happily invited to my friend’s St. Patrick’s Day party and needed to bring a potluck dish.  Bill is Irish and plays in a band called “You Guys”.  Their acronym is YGSGH (You Guys Suck, Go Home), but they don’t suck at all.  In fact, they are very professional, so I knew his party would be very authentic.   Good Irish and American folk songs, Corned Beef and Cabbage, lots of green, lots of beer, probably some Guinness…and I was right.

Greens on Fresh Baked Bread recipe at

Beet Greens slathered on top of country bread with cheese.

So I made some greens to bring to the party.  Beet greens on fresh artisan bread, that is.  Before you turn up your nose and move on…give beet greens a chance. Served on fresh country bread, you may find it measures up to the trendy Avocado Toast, but is a little healthier.  Add a little cheese, herbs…whatever is in your kitchen or garden.

Greens on Fresh Baked Bread recipe at

Community Wood-Fired Oven at Holy Nativity.

I baked some fresh bread in our community wood-fired oven earlier in the day.  Our community oven is fired up in Westchester the second Saturday of the month for anyone and everyone to enjoy a pizza party and bring over their loaves to bake.  Find out more about it here.

Beet Greens on Fresh Baked Bread recipe at

Beautiful Beet Greens from Gold Beets.

Most beet greens get thrown away or are destined for the compost pile.  Why?  So delicious with a few other ingredients and so fresh.  Next time you buy beets, chop off the greens and make this delicious treat in only 12 minutes, as you are waiting for your dinner to cook. Use swiss chard or collards if you insist.


Greens on Fresh Baked Bread recipe at

Beet greens cook up in olive oil in only a few minutes.

Place them in a skillet with some hot olive oil.  Let them sizzle a bit and then stir.  Toss in some garlic and let the greens wilt.  Add a bit, like a teaspoon of high quality balsamic vinegar, if you have some. Salt and pepper. Set them aside.

Greens on Fresh Baked Bread recipe at

Slice some good quality artisan bread to make this super delicious!

Slice some good quality artisan bread.  Are you a bread baker?  Check out how to make my easy French baguettes.

Greens on Fresh Baked Bread recipe at

Sun-dried tomatoes add tons of flavor to my Greens on Fresh Baked Bread.

Top the bread with whatever you have. Keep it simple with fresh quality ingredients.  I used some sun-dried tomatoes and queso fresca (fresh Mexican cheese).

Greens on Fresh Baked Bread recipe at

Queso Fresca, Sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil are hidden beneath the beet greens.

Fresh herbs.  Top it with the beet greens.  Place in a 350° oven for about 5 minutes to melt the cheese.

Greens on Fresh Baked Bread recipe at

Sautéed greens top all the good stuff on the fresh baked bread.

This is a brilliant snack or appetizer to serve guests. Drizzle it all with a high quality olive oil, serve it with some green beer or whatever you like on St. Paddy’s Day. Maybe a nice glass of crisp white wine.?   Wear some green and eat some greens too.  Sláinte!

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