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I sat down for an interview with Wellness Warrior, a non-profit dedicated to “Uniting the fight for our right to health.” …and clean food.  Wellness Warrior was founded in 2010 by Deborah Szekely, named “Godmother of Wellness” by Huffington Post.  Read the February 3, 2015 interview below.

Patricia K. Rose Wants to Change the Way We Eat…Fast.  Plus a great recipe.

“Patricia pulls from the global traditions of the “grandmas of old” and believes that we should cook with what is at our feet.”

“Taste is most important. I don’t want to make food that might be healthy but tastes like cardboard.”

“I believe you learn and get motivated by doing, so I get everyone involved. You can see pictures on my blog of people holding their dishes that they’ve made in class.  That is the moment for me when I am so proud of these students.  When they do it themselves, that’s when they get it…that’s when I know there is a chance for them to go home and make more.”


Fresh Food in a Flash Cooking Classes have been featured in The Los Angeles Times South Bay section, The Argonaut serving the Westside of Los Angeles and the Calendar section of the Hometown News serving the Westchester – Marina del Rey areas of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Times 10-31-14 #2874Chef to whip up inspiration at annual pie class.

“This is the fifth year that Rose has hosted the pie class where she shows students how to turn flour, butter, sugar and other ingredients into something sweet for the holidays.”

“Rose said the class typically takes on a party atmosphere”Los Angeles Times 12-5-14 #4407

“During the hands-on lesson, students visit the other tables to learn more about the pies being made around the room.”

Parents, children can bake, learn at cookie class.

“The class is designed to be about sharing, playing, laughing and baking more than 1,000 cookies together with the children.”

“This is the 11th year the class had been offered, and every year, Rose teaches eight new recipes.”  “…the young bakers who put their hearts and soul into their beautiful creations.”


The Argonaut Newspaper serves Westchester to Santa Monica neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

The Argonaut Newspaper serves Westchester to Santa Monica neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Patricia Rose travels the world through her Westchester cooking classes.

“For Westchester cooking instructor and culinary blogger Patricia Rose, food is a passport to travel the world.”

“You learn so much about history and why we eat the things we eat,” Rose said of studying food. “I try to incorporate a little of that history into the class.”

“Rose, who is determined “to teach people that cooking is easy and fun,” said students who are newcomers to the kitchen should not be intimidated.”

“Sometimes we have mistakes,” she said. “Sometimes that’s the best learning experience when you rescue the mistake.”

Dishes with a dash of culture.

Dishes with a dash of culture.


Hometown News serving Westchester - Marina del Rey communities.

Hometown News serving Westchester – Marina del Rey communities.

Hometown News "To Do" Calendar page.

Hometown News “To Do” Calendar page.

Check out the Hometown News Calendar section for our latest Cooking Classes.  Stephanie from the Hometown News has generously featured our Fresh Food in a Flash cooking classes each month in their Calendar “To Do” column.

In January 2014, our Soups, Stews and Biscuits Cooking Class was promoted.

“In this class, attendees will learn to make home-made stock, the basis of all good soups and stews.”

“Attendees will also make a quick and easy biscuit recipe that is a perfect companion to a hearty bowl of soup.”

“To reserve your spot and for more information, please email”

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You can view examples of some of my work by clicking below.

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